Fifty-Pieces – A slow Fashion Brand

To understand the slow fashion, it needs to be touch briefly to the fast fashion.
Fast fashion; provides high numbers of low cost/price products according to in date trends. Rapidly changing trends and low price products,
cause /tend/lead people to spend more than their needs. Axcessive consumption/ Overconsumption turn back as a burdensome cost to the nature and workers.
To the contrary the fast fashion, slow fashion; helps to slow down the process while supporting the human and nature oriented/focused consuption,
production and creation with the values it has/ in line with its values.


Fifty Pieces- Human and Nature Focused Creating

Slow fashion sense gives particular importance to/ care about the ethical and human values during the production stage.
At the same time, it enables to create an emotional connection with the product via/through
creating a mutual/common story by telling story behind the products, sharing information and make a part of the design process.


Fifty Pieces- Limited number, careful/elaborate production

Decreasing the textile production, in consequence of the reduced textile consumption provides the entry of
lower number of raw material to the system
. In this way, production is much more coherent with the nature,
while the pressure on the ecological cycle decrease
. A slowed down rhytm also creates an
improved working conditions for the textile workers.


Fifty Pieces- Our Minimalist Motto: Just 50 Pieces are enough for every closet

Fifty Pieces has been founded to create timeless clothes/pieces that can be worn for years with an approach,
sensitive to nature and environment. It has been aimed to provide high-quality and long lasting production through being against to fast and
excess consumption. It has united/gethered the essential pieces of the fashion with the design ones. It has all started with fifty pieces and
actually just the fifty pieces was enough for every closet.


Fifty Pieces-Responsible Production and Ethical Commerce

All the Fifty Pieces products are produced by the SEDEX certified manufacturers.
SEDEX is an organisation that is dedicated to the enhacement process of ethical business practices, and also in charge of
global supply chain. Our SEDEX approved manufacturers are ethical and responsible for every need of their workers.


Fifty Pieces- Healthy, Natural Fabrics and Eco- friendly Colours

Our products are made of %100 cotton as the designs/ fashion plate/ designed products allow it.
All of the fabrics we have been using are painted by the dyehouses, with the dyes that are approved by the OEKO-TEKS 100 for
not including any cancerogen and other chemicals. The standart of OEKO-TEX® 100 is a worlwide test and certification system that
applied by an independent international foundation works for the protection of environment
-We use are dyed/That aimed to protect environment by controlling the every relevant stages of production to
make ecologically convenient textile products.


Fifty Pieces- Plastic Free Production from A to Z

FİFTY Pieces products are not packaged individually. By this way, it aims to reduce plastic usage.
Products are handed to our customers with the recycled paper package. Thus, paper wastage is prevented as much as possible.


Fifty Pieces- The Story of Our Cargo Package

Our cargo packages must have produced by a plastic-like material to protect our products against water and
other agents that can give harm. /In order to protect our products against water and other agents that could damage them, our cargo packages
had to be made of a plastic-like material. At this stage, quite the contrary to the standard cargo packages, we have preferred to use
a fine material as much as possible. The symbols we added on the packages, we aimed to encourage our customers to recycle.

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